I did a double take. A nearby concert came across my radar that featured pipe organ music, local singers, musicians, a silent film and a Halloween costume contest. It was last minute and it sounded terrific.

I lept into action to complete my Halloween costume.  I crafted a leafy bracelet and matching ring to help people identify me as the action figure, Poison Ivy.

I introduced myself to concert goers and offered my hand covered with vine. Most admired my green wig and green sparkled lips. Some shared that they were allergic to poison ivy, while others gladly offered their hand. It was a fun uncommon adventure to walk down the center aisle of the church.

The concert transported me to the days when I heard live organ music at Radio City Music Hall. The big exception was that today, Dracula was playing the organ, the Grim Reaper was a videographer and many of the performers had goulash makeup.  

Which events have you attended on the spur of the moment??